Property Management for Calgary, Alberta

Changes To Tenant Space or Ownership

Our business has grown and our office space is too small, can I discuss this with someone?

Please call our office at (403) 203-3000 and explain your situation. You will be connected with someone in the Leasing and Marketing Department who will be happy to look at options for you.


I have someone who is interested in buying my business. Will this affect my Lease?

Yes. The Lease is a legal document binding two parties and the Landlords permission is required make any changes during the term of the Lease. Please call our office at (403) 203-3000 to make an appointment with the Property Manager.


I’d like to renovate my space. How do I proceed?

All modifications to your space require Landlord and/or City of Calgary approval. Contact us for written Design Criteria and Construction Rules and Regulations, which outline approval requirements and provide helpful direction.


How do we receive approval to install additional ventilation equipment on the roof?

Contact our office with a submittal, and we will send you the necessary information to get the ball rolling.



I received a request for a renewed Certificate of Insurance and the amounts requested are different than outlined in the Lease agreement. Why?

The replacement value of each property is reviewed each year. The cost to rebuild may increase, which would affect the amount of coverage you need.



Our office is too hot or too cold. How do I program the thermostat?

A programming guide is provided to each office at move-in. To request a copy of the guide for your space, please contact us. We are happy to visit and assist with programming.


The heating/air conditioning in our office/warehouse is not working. Who takes care of this?

Telsec takes care of air conditioning and heating at your premises, in most cases. Just contact our offices, and we will send one of our technicians to diagnose the problem, and ensure that repairs are completed in a timely manner.



I’d like to add or change my signage.

All signage, including fascia, pylon, directories, sandwich boards and window decals require Landlord and/or City of Calgary and/or Business Park approval. Contact us for Design Criteria and attachment/installation specifications.


The lights are not working on the pylon sign, or the sign is broken. Who repairs this?

Please contact our office and we will make the necessary arrangements.


Snow Removal

Who takes care of the snow and ice on the sidewalk? We have icy patches on our walk.

Snow is generally cleared at night as equipment can service lots only when they are emptied of cars. If it snows after 4 am crews may not return until later in the day. If you have any snow or ice concerns, contact our office.



Do you arrange for cleaning of the windows?

Windows at most office sites are cleaned twice per year, in the spring and fall.



It seems we have water coming from the roof. Do we call you?

Yes, leaks are a serious concern. Please call our office and we will arrange for a certified roofing contractor to come and investigate and do the necessary repairs.


Access To Electrical Rooms and Roof

We have a contractor coming to work in our space. If they need access to the electrical room, do we call you?

Yes. If you have made arrangements for any contractor (telephone, cable, etc), please try to establish a date and time frame. Once you have that information, please call our office and let us know. We can then schedule a time for them to access the required space. Pre-scheduling will alleviate wait times, because at times there will not be anyone in close proximity to your office.


Telus requires access to the phone/electrical room to work on our phone lines?

Most of our buildings have Telus lock boxes, which will allow Telus and select phone contractors access to common phone/electrical rooms. Have your service provider check if they have a key to the Telus lock box.


Our internet provider needs to install an antenna on the roof of the building. Who do we talk to about getting approval for this?

Contact our office with a submittal from your service provider, and we will send you the necessary information to start the process.



What do I do if someone parks in my stall?

Parking assignments are outlined in your Lease Agreement. Please respect the assignments and direct clients as appropriate. Where Visitor Parking is provided, please ensure that use of these stalls is short-term (less than two hours) and equitable with neighboring Tenants, as the whole property shares these stalls. If a parking problem arises, the first action should be to politely bring it to the attention of the offender. Parking is limited at many sites; respect and cooperation must prevail as the most efficient management of stalls. If communication does not resolve the conflict, contact us for further remedy.



We have a burnt out light. Who is responsible for the lights in our office?

Each tenant is responsible to maintain all the lighting fixtures in their offices including the emergency lights and exit lights. If you need the assistance of an electrician, check our approved contractors list. (Some of our buildings have a common area, lobby, or vestibule, the lighting in those areas is maintained by Telsec. Just let us know where the light is out, and we will have the lights serviced.)



There is a bad smell coming from the floor drain in our washroom. What do I do?

It is likely that the floor drain trap has dried out, allowing sewer gases to enter your washroom. To refill the floor drain, just pour 4 litres of water down the drain. If the problem persists, add a ½ cup of bleach to the drain after you fill it. (Due to our dry climate, water should be added to all floor drains at least once a month, more often in winter. You could ask your janitors to do this for you every couple of week, so you don’t have to worry about it.)



How often does Telsec change the filters on our roof top unit?
We normally change the filters every four months during our regular equipment service. Some offices have the filters changed every three months depending on the system load.